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Fiamma F45S Awning

Fiamma F45S Awning£385.00  -  £685.00

A wall installation, winch awning for motorhomes, campervans or caravans

Fiamma F65S Awning

Fiamma F65S Awning£515.00  -  £645.00

A roof installation, winch awning for motorhomes, caravans and campervans. Suitable for the Fiat Ducato

Fiamma F35 Pro Awning - Black Case

Fiamma F35 Pro Awning - Black Case£309.00  -  £319.00

A compact manual awning for campervans, 4x4's, station wagons and small caravans.

Fiamma F45S Zip Awning & Enclosure

Fiamma F45S Zip Awning & Enclosure
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Our Price:  £1,225.00
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Part Number:  05720B02R
Brand:  Fiamma


Fiamma F45 S Zip Awning & Privacy Room

The Fiamma zip is a complete Box Awning and Panel System that combine to create a fully enclosed room. Can be used in total combination or as a modular system one panel at a time. The canopy of the Fiamma ZIP is fitted with two YKK zips at either end that allow the side panels to attach directly to the canopy, providing total protection from wind and rain.

Fiamma Awning

Cool and cheerful canopy without seams in UV resistant, waterproof and washable vinyl. Bright colours (Deluxe Grey or Blue Ocean) printed on both sides. The Fiamma canopy guarantees higher resistance to UV rays. It does not fade in the sun and the absence of seams allows high resistance to water and tearing. It is flame retardant, can be rewound when damp, is light-resistant and is rot and waterproof.

Fiamma Awning Benefits

Excellent design, very sturdy and easy and safe to operate. Silent when opening and closing and while travelling. Easy to hook the winch eye using the supplied Crank Handle. Large canopy surface offering maximum shade. A fitted regulation system for the smooth closure of the front lead bar, a self locking security mechanism called Auto-Lock and Dual Security system to indicate the correct closure of the front bar.

Fiamma Awning Standard kit

Presto Fix, New Reinforced arms with twin cable, Extra Strong Arms, Dual Shock Absorber, Auto-Lock, Dual Security, Folding Crank handle, Tension Rafter (2x Tension Rafter for ZIP 450), AS Brackets and internal 'M' bracket covers, Pegs to secure legs to the ground and Wall brackets for leg support to the motorhome.

Fiamma Zip Privacy Room

The Canopy of the Fiamma Zip is unique as it has two sturdy YKK zips sewn into each end, allowing the connection of the ZIP side panels. The YKK Zip connection between the Zip panels and Canopy provides total water and wind insulation and total privacy. The front panel of the Zip panel system slides easily through the leading edge the awning and is then secured to the side panels via a further two sturdy and self-lubricating YKK Zips. Within minutes you have effectively doubled your motorhome living space; with the awning transformed into a fully enclosed room (sometimes referred to as Safari Room), offering shelter and privacy for you and your family.

The stylish and modern Zip panel system is available in white with a dark grey mudwall. It is easy to clean and complimentary to the majority of modern motor caravans. All panels incorporate mosquito netting for summer time ventilation and roll-up exterior crystal clear windows. Windows are attractively printed and all are supplied with blue curtains for additional privacy. The front panel is made up of one window panel and a separate roll-up doorway, which can be installed on the left or the right hand side, at your convenience. The walls of the Privacy Room are modular and can be used independently or inclusively, providing limited or total protection as prevailing weather dictates. For security, all panels offer plenty of anchor points and sturdy rock pegs are provided, which we would recommend you use at all times. Privacy standard kit includes: Aluminium poles Rapid Set, Skirting and Wheel Arch Cover, Curtains Kit and Mega Bag.

Description Awning Length A Height  B Canopy Extension C Shade Surface Net Weight   
    Fiamma Zip 300 Medium 306cm 225-250cm 250cm 7.1m sq 42.4Kg  
Fiamma Zip 300 Large 306cm 251-280cm 250cm 7.1m sq 42.6Kg  
    Fiamma Zip 350 Medium 356cm 225-250cm 250cm 8.3m sq 46.3Kg  
Fiamma Zip 350 Large 356cm 251-280cm 250cm 8.3m sq 46.5Kg  
       Fiamma Zip L 400 Medium 406cm 225-260cm 250cm 9.6m sq 58.4Kg  
   Fiamma Zip L 400 Large 406cm 251-280cm 250cm 9.6m sq 58.6Kg  
       Fiamma Zip L 450 Medium 456cm 225-250cm   250cm   10.1m sq  62.4Kg   
   Fiamma Zip L 450 Large 456cm 251-280cm 250cm 10.1m sq 62.6Kg  


Whats included:

- The awning (based on F45 S)

- Installation brackets (Kit AS)

- 1 Front panel with door and window with mosquito net

- 2 Side panels with windows with mosquito net

- Rapid set aluminium tension poles

- Central tension rafter

- Vehicle skirting

- Storage bag (Mega bag)

Curtains NOT included

*Please see related items for Awning adapters to suit your vehicle.

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