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MPK Fridge Vent Surface Fit

MPK Fridge Vent Surface Fit£4.99

Dometic LS100 & LS200 Fridge Vent System

Dometic LS100 & LS200 Fridge Vent System£75.00   £59.99

Dometic LS200 Bottom Vent & Winter Cover

Dometic LS200 Bottom Vent & Winter Cover£35.50   £30.99

Dometic Flue Kit

Dometic Flue Kit
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Our Price:  £49.99(Inc. 20% VAT)

Part Number:  51-01/8
Brand:  Dometic


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No stock, delayed despatch


Dometic Flue Kit

Dometic flue kit will fit to the following fridge models : Dometic RM4200, Dometic RM4201, Dometic RM4210, Dometic RM4212, Dometic RM4213, Dometic RM4211 Lm, Dometic RM4215, Dometic RM6270, Dometic RM6271, Dometic RM6275l, Dometic RM8400, Dometic RM8401 Refridgerator, Dometic RMs8405, Dometic RMs8460, Dometic RMs8461, Dometic RMs8465, Dometic RM6290, Dometic RM4360l, Dometic RM4290l, Dometic RM4400 L, Dometic RM400c, Dometic RM6291, Dometic RM6295l, Dometic RM8405, Dometic RM6360, Dometic RM8500, Dometic RM415, Dometic RM4180, Dometic RM6361, Dometic RM4181, Dometic RM8501, Dometic RM6390l, Dometic RM6365l, Dometic RM6391l, Dometic RM6400, Dometic RM8505, Dometic RM7270, Dometic RM7271, Dometic RM8550, Dometic RM7275l, Dometic RM7290, Dometic RM7291, Dometic RM8551, Dometic RM8555, Dometic RM7295l, Dometic RM7370l, Dometic RM4185m, Dometic RM7371, Dometic RM7390, Dometic RM6401, Dometic RM7391, Dometic RM7400, Dometic RM7401, Dometic RM7360, Dometic RM7361, Dometic RM7365l, Dometic RM6405l, Dometic RM4203q, Dometic RM4230 L, Dometic RM7405l, Dometic RM7540l, Dometic RM7541, Dometic RM7545l, Dometic RM7550, Dometic RM7551, Dometic RM7555l, Dometic RM7501, Dometic RM7505, Dometic RM4231, Dometic RM6501, Dometic RM6505, Dometic RM4300, Dometic RM4361, Dometic RM4365lm, Dometic RM4301, Dometic RM4292, Dometic RM4291lm, Dometic RM4285lm, Dometic RM4271lm, Dometic RM4281lm, Dometic RM4280m, Dometic RM4206, Dometic RM4281lm.



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