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CBE Grey Frame & Support

CBE Grey Frame & Support£3.29  -  £5.49

1-way, 2-way & 3-way CBE frames

CBE Protective Backbox

CBE Protective Backbox£1.19

CBE 240v 3 Pin Mains Socket

CBE 240v 3 Pin Mains Socket£4.99


CBE Systems offer all your motorhome, campervan or caravans traditional electrical needs.


Such as:


- 12v sockets, 240v sockets, television and satellite sockets.

- A various range of 12v and 240v switches, including step switches, light switches, pump switches and many others.

- Meters and gauges to monitor batteries and water levels.

- Gas detectors (LPG & CO)

- Consumer units & distribution panels.

- Sensors for fresh / waste tanks & temperature.

- Complete electrical kits which include a leisure battery charger, distribution box, consumer unit and a modern control panel.


All with a refreshing contemporary look and a range of different coloured frames that can be changed to suit your own personal taste and individuality.


* All CBE switches/sockets require a CBE frame (1-way, 2-way or 3-way) to complete fitting.

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CBE 12v Cigar + TV Socket

CBE 12v Cigar + TV Socket£5.99

CBE 12v Distribution Box (DS305)

CBE 12v Distribution Box (DS305)£76.99


inc fuses, connections + pins

CBE 12v Pump + Light Switch

CBE 12v Pump + Light Switch£5.99

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