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Fiamma Garage Pack Plus

Fiamma Garage Pack Plus
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Fiamma Garage Pack PlusFiamma Garage Pack PlusFiamma Garage Pack Plus
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Part Number:  98655A911
Brand:  Fiamma

Weight:  5 kg


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In stock


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Fiamma Garage Pack Plus

Multi-purpose kit complete with fixing structure for bikes and various accessories to arrange the garage facility. This version has black trim as opposed to the traditional red.

Kit contents:

  • 2 x aluminium bars 63cm
  • 2 x aluminium bars 198cm
  • 2 x aluminium bars 79cm
  • 2 x reinforced rails
  • 1 x support bar to fix Bike-Block
  • 1 x Bike-Block Pro D1 and Pro D2
  • 1 x Pack Organiser Shoes
  • 1 x Pack Organiser S
  • 8 x galvanised rings
  • 1 x rubber band Ø 0.8 x 180cm
  • 4 x Strip to fix bikes







2 Bikes



Supplied With

Bike-Block Pro D1, Bike-Block Pro D2, Rail Strip Pro, Brackets

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