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Combination Units

Combination units offer all the convenience of a hob and sink but in one single unit so there is no worktop wastage. Our range of combinations from Smev, Can, Spinflo and Cramer are top quality units and you'll be sure to find one to fit your vehicle whether its a caravan, motorhome or campervan.

Combination Units by Smev, Dometic Cramer and Can are the kitchen cooking appliances put together all in one single unit.

What kind of combination unit are you looking for? If you need a specific size to fit your caravan, motorhome or campervan or want a certain feature then let us point you in the right direction below or use the left hand section to refine your search results by brand, size, burners, taps and glass lids:

Our BEST SELLER by far is the Smev 9222 combi unit which gives you the choice of a left or right hand sink, has a two burner hob and glass lids.

Compact Combination Units (ideal for small campervans, these compact combi units offer a practical size hob and sink and a stylish look)- Can FL1401Can FL1402Dometic HS2320Dometic HS2420Dometic HS2460Smev 927, Smev 917, Smev 8821, Smev 8322, Smev 8323, Smev 8302, Smev 8303

Combination Units with Lids (put the lid down and you have more worktop space or simply a more stylish looking kitchen area in your RV) - Can FL1401Can FL1402Smev 8123, Smev 7123, Smev 8302, Smev 8303, Smev 8322, Smev 8323, Smev 8821, Smev 9222Smev 9722 

2 Burner Combination Units - Can 2 Burner Combi, Dometic Cramer 2 Burner Combi, Smev 8302, Smev 8322, Smev 911-CV, Smev 917, Smev 9222, Smev 927

3 Burner Combination Units - Dometic Cramer 3 Burner Combi, Smev 8123, Smev 8303, Smev 8323